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  • Why did you approach me ?
    – A member of our project initiation team would have identified your landholding (or part of it) as potentially suitable for a development appraisal should be interested in obtaining one.
  • How long will decisions take ?
    – As you can imagine, there are many complexities involved in taking an initial discussion through to a completed development project and there are countless variables which can impact the process. We aim to notify you if we will proceed with an appraisal within two weeks of our first meeting and on occasion can do this immediately.
  • What’s involved in the viability assessment ?
    There are numerous legal, technical, logistical and financial considerations to be made with a viability assessment and our process aims to clarify any initial observations and identify if a delivering a scheme is a viable proposal.

While we aim to provide full and complete information as early as possible in practise no two circumstances are even the same so if you have any questions please contact us.