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Land Owners
If you are a land or homeowner then part of your landholding could be suitable for development and so you are in a suitable position to contact us to discuss a no obligation development appraisal. As you are no doubt aware, the UK is suffering from a shortage of new homes and collaborating with Highgate Land can help make an impact to address this need. Contacting us for an appraisal could help you to realise enhanced value for the sale of your land or property should an appraisal indicate that a scheme may be viable.
Clients and Developers
We know that operating within the construction industry requires a consistent supply of suitable land which has the potential for development. Establishing a relationship with Highgate Land will enable you to focus your attention on enhancing your core business and delivering projects based on a solid and reliable supply of land. We have a local presence in the Thames Valley and can support your in house land sourcing team to identify and validate sites based on your specific requirements.
Our Approach
Our approach focuses on establishing collaborative relationships with all parties to ensure that a win win outcome is always the primary concern for everybody involved. By immersing ourselves in the task of identifying areas which have unrealised potential, we can provide maximum benefit from our comprehensive approach to enhancing value for all stakeholders. In order to act on opportunities in the most responsive way possible we are constantly monitoring the local circumstances so that opportunities can quickly be identified. Because the process requires attention and a careful guiding hand we will always ensure that we provide a helpful and supportive hand taking the process from inception to fruition.

If you think your property is suitable for development then you can call us on 0800 808 5459, send an email to or click the button to the right.